Monday, March 2, 2015

Cat in the Hat

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!  I had to decorate my Starbucks' cup today.

I love reading Dr. Seuss books to my kids.  This is my favorite week to teach because my kids' get so excited with the activities and the rhymes.

Today's book was "Cat in the Hat", which was perfect because we had a major rain storm as I was reading the book. A couple of my kiddos kept looking at the door to see if the Cat would come in.  TK kiddos are adorable.

I was at a conference this weekend, so the week crept up on me.  But, I knew I would find some ideas from Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies.  I love that girl, she is so creative.

She made these adorable Thing 1 and Thing 2 headbands with her kids. The cutting was a little hard for my little ones, but they did a great job - it took some time.  Jennifer had her kids make a big necklace for 
Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I drew the circles so that they would be able to glue them on their headbands.  They turned out adorable.

You can find her pattern  Here 

We, also, made a directed drawing of the Cat.   I love doing directed drawing activities for listening.  I can tell which kids are paying attention and which ones aren't.  They all turned out different and adorable!!!!

You can find Jennifer's directions for the directed drawings Here.  She has a super cute packet in her TpT store, that you need to check out.

Well, I need to plan out tomorrow's book activities - thank goodness hubby is making dinner.

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