Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday make-it

This week I spent a lot of time hanging out with my husband, since I leave here tomorrow. This vacation was a lot of firsts for me

I made these little postcard pockets - hoping to get in on the postcard exchange, but I was too late. I was so sad. Then I got an email from another blogger saying that she was starting one. So happy day for me, I can still use these.

There will be one for each state. I will put the state name on the top then hang these on my board. When the postcards arrive, I will slip them in the pocket. So easy

I used an acetate sheet and added the duct tape to make a pocket. I used a full sheet but cut an inch off the side. So it measured 7 1/2 x 11. You could probably use a sheet protector and just cut it down for the same idea.

If you missed out on the original postcard exchange and would like to join one - contact Lacey Whidden at to sign up. She is a new blogger and is just creating her blog.
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Three More Days

I have three more days to spend with my hubby before I leave Hawaii and fly back to California. We are trying to cram everything into those three days. I am going to miss him so much. Three months is a long time to wait to see him again.

Today, we are heading to the other side of the island, just the two of us. We really need to spend time alone. We will be eating at one of our favorite places. I will be visiting the quilt store, i really don't need anything (there is no room in the suitcase) Hubby has learned to keep magazines in the car, while he patiently waits. I hope to take lots of pictures while we are over there.

I have been buying things for my classroom. I have no idea how I am going to get them all home. I, already mailed one package. I might need to mail another one. Shhhhh.... Don't tell him.

A picture of the top of the suitcase of the things that need to get finished.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Day made

On Tuesday, we were going to look for silversword plants. I said that I would be so happy to find a plant with flowers. We did - about 10 of them. I literally screamed when I saw them. These plants are only found in higher volcano elevations. We were at 9,000 feet.

They are on the endangered plant list for Hawaii. They live for about 40 years - blooming once. The leaves are mint, silver green. They look like someone sprayed them with a can of silver paint. Beautiful

I was talking to the ranger that helped me get my Jupiter picture - telling him how much kiddos loved the picture. He sent me three emails with picture slides to show my kids different parts of Hawaii. It was so nice of him
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday make it

I didn't get much made this week because hubby has been driving me around the island. I was able to see things that I have never seen before. Some of the places we went - he had never seen either. He was born here, so it was nice to experience it together

Today, a friend is taking me to Mauna Kea. He has a truck, so we should be able to go farther up the road. I am hoping to find some silversword plants. They are so beautiful - it would make my trip to find one with flowers, which is really rare.

Here are my goodies for the week. A quilt top, almost done. It took forever. I swear the squares were multiplying on the table.

I finished up 3 picture frames for my Student of the Month, Terrific Kid and an extra one for a class award. This year I will have 30 kids and only be able to hand out 18 awards at the assembly - so I will be doing more in class awards for my babes. They are wood frames with mod-podge scrapbook paper, then added some local cut outs. I love them. I am going to add them to my calendar wall.
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Postcard update

I am so glad that I sent the postcards to my kiddos. I have received text messages, Facebook messages, and school emails (with pictures made by students) -telling me thank you and how excited they were to get mail. I, also, received this letter/picture from one of my babes. She mailed it to me in Hawaii. So sweet. I am so glad I did this for them - I love when they are happy.
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Friday, July 20, 2012


The sun is actually out today in Hilo. We have had lots of rain because of the tropical storms passing the islands. Today is absolutely beautiful. I was able to see sea turtles, watch my hubby play in the water, get some sun and watch kids with no fear jump off a high rock tower. So relaxing.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I didn't get anything done for school today. However, I did take some pictures of some beautiful Hawaiian flowers.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mind spinning

I love being able to spend a month hanging out in Hawaii with my hubby. I will miss him a bunch when I go back to work in California. But, all these blogs are killing me. They are setting my brain into mind spinning mode. Hubby says he can smell the gears burning, lol. The biggest problem is that I have no printer to print out all the treasures to work on.

The second problem is that my suitcases are only so big and already full with the things that I have made or bought. There are so many things I want to make - but I have only one day to get it all done when I get back before I start setting up my room. Thank goodness I have a great room mom (love you Jennifer) that hangs out in my classroom - helping me, so she doesn't have to clean her house.

So for now, I will try relaxing in paradise for 2 more weeks. Today, I am going to my feather lei class to work on my lei for my my grandson due in October.

Perhaps, I should write the ideas down so I don't forget them. Hmmmm......
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sea Turtles

On Sunday, we went down to the beach for a friend's birthday party. I hadn't been to this particular beach before - there was no sand... It was all grass. My hubby said that it was the beach that he use to play at, as a child. Lots of great memories. There was a lava sea wall around it that created a big wading pool for the kids to swim. It protected them from the surf.

Hubby went for a walk and found two sea turtles swimming in another area. I love sea turtles. I don't feel my trip is complete without seeing a sea turtle or a rainbow. My sweet husband walked back to get me and told me to bring my camera. I was able to watch one of the guys for awhile. This was the biggest outerwear I have seen probably 30 inches. He was eating, so I patiently waited for him to come up for air. I am so lucky that I have a fast camera that can capture it. He had his head up for less than a minute. This will be another picture I blow up for my classroom.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday make it

Update: sorry the pictures are out of order. I am blogging from my iPad with a blogger app and it changes the pictures around.

This is my first time joining in for Monday make it. It looks like so much fun. It is a little harder for me to make things, since I am not at home (still in Hawaii) especially since I have to put it in my suitcase.

I thought I would share my aloha sign that will hang outside of my classroom. Hubby went with me to look for shells one day, he is a good guy. I mod posted wood letters, glued them on my pretty pink board. Then we went looking for small shells and seaglass for the outside. My hubby is such a good guy, he found most of the shells for me

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Productive Saturday

I know this doesn't have to do with teaching, but I am super excited about the quilt top that I made today. Plus, it does go with my beach/Hawaii classroom theme. I started it this morning and had the top finished by 6. I love the colors. It is a lap size, 62 x 76. It will be nice to snuggle underneath in the winter.
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I found some more really cute duct tape. I bought two rolls - one for my grand daughter and one for my niece. But, I think might need some for me. I love Wal-Mart.

Today, I am going to spend the day quilting in paradise with a group of friends. It usually ends up being a laugh fest. I hope to get something done
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Friday, July 13, 2012


Okay, I picked 5 winners instead. So Barb, Jenn Long, Ms Mindy, Lisa R and Christina C send me your mailing addresses, please
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Postcard Giveaway

In honor of my baby's 23rd birthday tomorrow and the fact that I really like these postcards - I am having a postcard giveaway. As you can see I made another trip to Wal-mart. So leave me a comment on how you celebrate birthdays in your classroom, please. On Friday night, I will pick 3 people to win an assortment of 10 Hawaiian postcards. Thanks for stopping by
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Postcards from Hawaii

On one of my many trips to Wal-mart, I bought a class set of postcards. They are only $.18 - a bargin in my opinion. I am going to send them to last year's kiddos (shhhh, Jen don't tell the boys). My husband made the comment that the kids are going to love getting mail. Sometimes, that man is so smart. I remembered how much I loved getting letters and postcards from my grandma. I think the art of letter writing is gone.

So I am heading back to Wal-mart for more postcards and keychains. During, the year when one of my kiddos has been doing a great job then I will mail them a postcard with a happy note from this beautiful place. It also will give me an excuse to get postcards from Colorado when we go in November. It might be cool to find different postcards from the state you live in, landmark postcards. think my kiddos will be excited about. What do you think?
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Checking things off

I'm finally getting some school stuff done while I am here. We made another trip to the craft store for some wood frames (they were on sale too). I got them painted, now I need to mod podge them. I found the perfect wood piece for my aloha sign. I painted it a bright pink, it looks brighter than the picture shows. I think I need to add something else to it, but not sure what

Wal-mart has packages of key chains, so I got two packages. When, I got home I remembered that I will have 30 kiddos this year - so I need to go back and get some more. That is dangerous because I always find something else I need. I will probably put sight words on them and hang them on the wall. I saw a really cute sticker sight word book, someplace. I think I will make some of those. EDITED: found the sticker book at April 1, 2012. She has them listed on her teacher pay teacher store.

I was able to get my calendar pieces together last night, too. They are from Jen is great. I, also want to make a lot of Corinna's goodies from, but I don't have a printer over here. It will need to wait until I get home. By then I am sure I will have more ideas.
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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Well,we made it to 50 followers today. So I wrote everyone's name, that was listed as a follower, on a piece of paper. Folded them - nice and neat and pulled one name. The winner is.........


So Chrissy email your address and I will be sending you something from Hawaii. Thanks for everyone for following me on my new blog, I appreciate it. Have a great evening, we are headed out to hang out with some friends - which in Hawaii means tons of food.
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Hawaii/beach theme

As you can probably figure out - I am doing a Hawaii/Beach theme with tropical colors. I found jen's beachy theme goodies at, her stuff is so cute. Then I found Corinna at I can't wait to get to a regular computer and printer so I can download all her goodies. Sorry, that I can't provide direct links from my iPad.

I am making some things for my classroom while I am here in Hawaii, so come back and see what I am up to.

I did find this cute duct tape yesterday, not sure what I am going to do with it yet. But when I figure it out - I will be glad that I have 2 rolls of it.
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Friday, July 6, 2012


I wanted to make a sign to hang outside my classroom, so I went back to the craft store and found some wood letters. Then we headed to the scrapbook store to look for the perfect paper. I was so excited to find this Hawaiian/beach print. I sat on the patio, listening to Hawaiian music while I made my letters. I, seriously want to mod podge everything now -so much fun. Tomorrow I need to go to home depot to find a big piece of wood to glue the letters. I think I might need to make another trip yo the craft store for another project. I love when my mind spins with ideas.
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Paradise Day 3

I messed up my back a month before I left, lots of pain. So I treated myself to a Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage. One of the ladies that I do feathers with is a licensed massage therapist. OMG, it was wonderful. My shoulders are a little sore, she said she had to work out the knots. I plan on having another one or two before I leave. Her house is this little tranquil place. Local fruit and flower tress surround her house, cool breeze with the sounds of birds chirping. Heaven It has been raining a lot, but the breezes are cool. It looks like the sun might just peek out for a bit today. We are having breakfast at my favorite place -crab omelette. I am hoping to do some school planning this afternoon or maybe some quilting, depends on my mood.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I found an app for my iPad so let's see if I can post a picture. My little pineapple patch.

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I am trying to post on my iPad because my mother I law doesn't have Internet, man I depend on it. Any hoo, so glad to be in Hawaii. These Are the reasons why I love being here. 1. Hubby is here, miss him a lot 2. I get to eat fresh papaya every morning for breakfast 3. I have a group of friends that I can quilt or make feather leis with, so much fun 4. The rain, it rains almost everyday in Hilo, which I love 5. The people are so friendly 6. It is absolutely beautiful 7. My little pineapple patch in my mother in law's backyard. We have 9 plants now. My dad and I planted one of them a couple of years ago. One of them is about ready to be picked I am trying to post a picture but I can't figure out how to do it with my iPad, darn I am sitting on the patio, working on my quilt, watching my hubby weed my little pineapple patch, listening to Hawaiian music. Just a little bit of heaven. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.
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Monday, July 2, 2012

You Might Be A Teacher If......

one of  your suitcases to Hawaii - looks like this.

I have my planning notebooks, math curriculum, goodies to be cut and glued, markers, etc.  I can't wait to see my husband.  Plus, I get to look at this everyday.


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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Followers and a Giveaway

I want to thank all of my new followers for showing me some love, thank you.  I can't believe that I have 36 already, it makes me so excited.  Thank you to Barb, my blog designer, for spreading the word.

So, when I get 50 followers I will have a little random giveaway.  I don't have a TpT store - yet, so it will have to be a box of other goodies.  Since, I will be in Hawaii - at that time, it will have to be a box of Aloha goodies.  So spread the word please, this way I will have an excuse to go shopping or at least that is the story I am telling my hubby, lol.  Have a wonderful Sunday.  I am off to pack the suitcases.

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