Sunday, December 2, 2012

Currently December

I am linking up with Farley for Currently December.  This year has just flown by - calendar year and school year.  I have 2 more weeks of teaching before 2013.  It is crazy to me.

I love Christmas music, I would probably listen to it 12 months a year - if I didn't get strange looks from people.  The music is why I love the feeling I have at Christmas.  I realize the month is busy, but it just helps me slow down a bit and enjoy the season, the warm feelings I get inside.  Christmas is my favorite time of year.

I am a Christmas freak. I would decorate 15 trees every year.  A different theme tree or two in every room.  The boys, grand kids, nieces each had their own theme tree.  I loved it.  I never wanted to leave my house.  It was a lot of work, but so worth it.  The boys liked it when they were small, but as they got older they didn't appreciate it.  I haven't had a chance to decorate my house like that in 5 years.  I miss it, but with health issues and being out of town for the last few years - it just wasn't possible.  Last night, my youngest son said that he missed the house at Christmas and wanted to help me decorate like that again (I think it is because he now has a child of his own).  I will be lucky if I get one tree up this year.  My my mind is spinning - Hobby Lobby is such an enabler.

I have been making goodies for both of the stores.  I wanted to get them opened up this month, but not sure if that is going to happen.  I need some guidance on how to actually finish up.

I need more hours in my day - just to play like a kid.

I wanted to make batches of cookies - something that I haven't done in a long time.  It is too easy to buy everything.  Does anyone have any good recipes to share?

Well, go over and link up.  I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed, magical December.

Merry Christmas

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  1. Good luck with decorating the house! It is a lot of fun to decorate! I am sure you will be able to find some great deals at Hobby Lobby! I also love Christmas music and definitely once you have your own children it changes Christmas! I am super excited this year because my son is so intrigued by all the Christmas decorations and is so much more aware of it!Have fun!

  2. 5:00 on a Sunday! That never happens at my house. :-) Hope you get your tree up, I doubt I get mine up, but getting it out of the attic would be a step forward. :-)

  3. Good luck decorating your house! I love listening to Christmas music and baking Christmas cookies. Have fun decorating!

  4. Terri,

    If you have any questions about TpT, you can email me at I have listed several things by trial and error and learned a few things:)

    How nice that your son wants to decorate again. Life always comes full circle:) Enjoy Christmas with your family!

    The Resourceful Apple
    I am having a HUGE giveaway to celebrate 12-12-12. I would love you to stop by to enter!

  5. I love Christmas too although I keep it to one tree haha. I could listen to Christmas music year round, it makes me sad to limit it to just a few weeks. My guilty pleasure.....Justin Bieber singing "Mistletoe". My daughter is mortified but I love it, along with all the traditional stuff. We have our "Cousin Tea" today, although the girls in our family, a tradition. Enjoy all the preparations !!!

  6. Yum. Love your RAK idea. Do you have any good cookie recipes? I'm going to share some next week :)

  7. You have such a cute blog! I am your newest follower!

  8. Your house would be so much fun to visit at Christmas with all those trees!!
    I'm trying to get my Etsy store going too. I just need more time to make all the things I want to make:)
    Grade ONEderful
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