Monday, September 30, 2013

Saturday snapshots

I am linking up with Michelle for Saturday Snapshots on Monday.  I was really sad to leave hubby and Hawaii. It is hard leaving someone that you love so much. But, I feel the same way when I leave the grand babies when I go to Hawaii - so it is hard.

This trip was amazing, I was able to do so many different things.  I saw the most amazing double rainbow before I left. I was able to see the whole arch. It was so big and very bright, that I wasn't able to photograph the whole thing.

This is my favorite quilting spot, right on the beach.  I am working on one of the grandbabes' Christmas stockings.

I saw a lot of turtles this trip.  One day I saw 9 of them sun bathing on the lava rocks.  This guy was just coming out of the water.  So exciting.

On Saturday, I went to school and got my room ready .  Then in the afternoon, I took the youngest babes (along with their parents) to Disneyland.  Oh my gosh, it was so much fun - but I was so tired.  The kids were looking at everything.

This little guy is so glad that I am back.  He had to be in my arms all the time.  He would give me a hug, then grab my face and give me a smooch.  Love it.  He was a little jealous when I would hold one of the girls.

I got these onesies at Target, they are adorable.  The girls are getting so big.  Today, was a good - first day back.  But, this girl is tired.  Have a great week.
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  1. Oooh, I wish I could quilt over looking the beach. Sounds like heaven!

  2. Love the double rainbow and the babies are cute too!!!