Thursday, July 12, 2012

Postcard Giveaway

In honor of my baby's 23rd birthday tomorrow and the fact that I really like these postcards - I am having a postcard giveaway. As you can see I made another trip to Wal-mart. So leave me a comment on how you celebrate birthdays in your classroom, please. On Friday night, I will pick 3 people to win an assortment of 10 Hawaiian postcards. Thanks for stopping by
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  1. In our classroom we sing the Dr. Jean birthday song. They get a gift baggie (with an adorable bag topper of course) filled with a sticker, a birthday pencil, and a couple balloons, and of course they birthday girl or boy gets to wear a fancy birthday crown.

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  2. Birthdays are something I need to do a better job of celebrating with my class (that sounds so awful)...but I'm usually running around at the last minute finding the crown, grabbing the birthday sticker, and signing a birthday card. We sing Happy Birthday and then have the treat that was sent in from home that ranges anywhere from a Blow Pop to 30 cupcakes stuck together in a shape and layered with mounds of icing. It's my goal this year to have everything ready and waiting for their special day! :)

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  3. I let the birthday boy or girl wear a class birthday shirt. They get a pixie stick balloon, stickers, pencils, birthday crown and certificate. I do want to add more to that next year. :)
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  4. Hi Terri,
    Last year we celebrated birthdays with the birthday song in 3 languages and a goodie bag. This year the kids will decorate a cupcake instead:)

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  5. We add birthdays to the calendar for that month. Then on their special day we sing happy birthday (jack hartmann version) Then they wear a crown and a sticker all day and they get a special pencil and birthday card signed by the class.