Friday, January 25, 2013

Five for Friday - January 25

I am linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday.  Why do short weeks seem so much longer than a 5 day week, or is it just me??  We did get a lot of art projects done this week, which makes me happy.


1.  We read the "The Mitten" and did a little freebie activity from What the Teacher Wants.  They turned out really cute.  I used scrapbook paper for the mittens and cotton balls for the cuffs.

My kiddos underline words that they think are spelled wrong.  I love how this little one - underlined cold but didn't underline cald.  So sweet.

2.   We started our Penguin unit today.  We made these little guys from Cupcake for the Teacher.  They are in her Penguin packet.  I love all of her goodies.  They are hanging on the clothesline in my classroom.  One of my little ones told me that we should have put the scarf on BEFORE we put on the flippers.  Maybe, I should read the directions next time,  haha.

3.  We did some graphing from our Mittens, Marshmallows and Snowmen day.  I put a graph on my white board because it is magnetic.  I marked off the areas with black ribbon, backed with magnet tape.  I got a 4 x 6 brag book/photo album and cut the pages out.  Then, I added magnet tape to the back.  All I have to do is put in a 4 x 6 card or 3 x 5 and my graphing words and pictures are done.  I keep the parts in a 4 x 6 photo box, so I will have them for next year.  Super easy.

4.  We, also, read "Snowmen at Night".  My kids love this book.  I found this idea on Pinterest last year from The First Grade Parade.  They turn out so cute and my classroom is really quiet when they are working on them.  Perfect for a rainy day project.  In the writing frame, they wrote what they thought snowmen would be doing at night.

5.  Next week, we are having Grandparents' Day - so the first grade team decorated our halls with antonym mittens hanging on black yarn.  We, also, made  big snowflakes hanging down the middle of the hallway.  It looks adorable.

Oh, our lockdown drill was cancelled today because of the rain, so maybe I will be able to catch up on some sleep tonight.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I love those mittens. I will have to remember this for next year. We made the snowmen last year. The kiddos loved making them. It is on my to do list for the next month.


  2. Oh my goodness I love the hallway decorations. So cute!

    Carolina Teacher

    1. Thank you, I hope the Fire Marshall doesn't visit this week.

  3. Everything's really cute. I really like the mitten activity.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  4. I love the hallway decorations- they are gorgeous. And your penguins are cute! Your firstie is so observant!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  5. I love how you used the pages out of a photo book. That is SO clever! I also LOVE your blog design and background. It is so pretty:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  6. I LOve Love Love the hallway. It makes it so warm and inviting. This is a little random...but I like the green paper behind your cute snowmen. It really makes them POP!


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  8. I love your Snowmen at Night crafts, we did that a few weeks ago and they always turn out great! We are starting penguins in a week so thanks for some great ideas!


  9. I love your Snowmen at Night projects-- they turned out so cute!! And thank you so much for the shout-out!! Love the penguins! ;)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher