Friday, January 25, 2013

Lockdown Drill

We are scheduled to have a lockdown drill today during primary recess.  We always practice, but this time it seems more real to me.  We have been instructed to get in as many kids as possible within 60 seconds, then lock our doors.  The babes will be all over the playground.  They are instructed to go to the closest open classroom.  After, that point are kids know exactly what to do - they have practiced.

I have had nightmares the last 3 nights.  Looking outside and seeing kids are the playground, I am a mess.  I know we can't live in fear, but guess what this drill is making it real.  The first grade team practiced with the babes yesterday.  We got everyone of them in the building, in rooms, doors locked in 50 seconds.  We did good.  So the nightmares were so bad last night. 

I had my best sleep starting at 3 this morning, when I heard the rain and realized that the drill will probably be cancelled today.  Of course, sleeping with the little alin wrench that the principal gave me yesterday so that I could lock down our entire building, not just the rooms probably made a big difference too.  Now, our babes will be on double lock down and I will not live in fear.

Aloha Friday.

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  1. I hope the rain held out for you! I know it can be worrisome, but you have to be ready. I guess our school has had a few lockdowns due to wild pigs and horses running lose on campus! Thats what you get for having an open campus in Hawaii! Happy Aloha Friday my friend:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  2. We had a lockdown drill this week too. There was a pause when they said "this is a lockdown...drill". My heart was in my throat. It definitely seemed more real but I guess I'm glad schools are being proactive...