Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost time

It is almost time for the twins, according to the doctor.  I went to the doctor's appointment today and the doctor is pretty sure that the twins will be here before next week.  DIL is already dilated to 1.5 and Miss B baby is in position.  They guessed the weights to be 5 lb 7 oz and 5 lb 12 oz.  He said all their scores were fantastic and my DIL is doing great, she is bigger than she was last week and has dropped.  I am getting excited.

She doesn't even look pregnant from behind and she doesn't have the baby waddle, crazy.

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  1. I know you are very excited!!!! Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. She is so tiny. I can't believe she is having twins. How exciting!

    The Hive

  3. Wow! Looks like they are going to be here sooner than you know it :) I can't believe how small she is!

  4. That's SO exciting!!
    Wow! That girl is all baby. Doesn't look like she's put an ounce on anywhere other than her stomach:)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  5. How exciting. I bet you can't wait to hold them no love them.

  6. Sorry that no should have been ' and love them'.