Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Brain

When I was younger, I could remember every appointment, every child's homework assignment/due date, every grocery item, etc. that we needed.  Now, not so much - I have to write everything down, sometimes twice.  Then I forget where I put the list, geez.  My husband kept saying "make a list", that is because he is a person that keeps a pocket notebook and writes everything down.

So the last couple of months, I have been writing things down.  I got a cute EC life planner, and started using these Compostion books for notes.

I love them, they are just the right size and fit in my purse - even with my big camera.  They are cute in a teachy sort of way.  I have different notes in different books, so I would grab the wrong one and still not have what I needed.  I needed to make them cuter.  So I came up with this.

I saw this adorable fabric at the quilt store and I had to have it.  I am not a yellow person, I can't wear it because of my coloring.  But, this fabric was singing to me.  I made a cute little cover for my notebook and in this book is my blogging ideas, TpT ideas and all the ideas from Monday Make-it or anything that other bloggers have shared.  This way I am not going through a billion pieces of paper or 5 other notebooks trying to find exactly what I am need.  I feel more paper organized.

I am taking a little break and heading to my parents' for a BBQ - before their Alaska Cruise (jealous).  So, I will be spending the afternoon with my grand babes, so excited.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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  1. I also have to write EVERYTHING down! My poor brain just can't keep up with me :)

    Curious Firsties

  2. I love that quilted cover, Terri!
    I have to keep my brain in WunderList :)