Friday, July 11, 2014

Five for Friday - July 11

I survived my first week of school, barely.  On Wednesday, I felt like I had been teaching for a month.  I am sooo glad that it is Friday.  I am linking up with Kacey this week, it has been forever since I have blogged.



My niece got married last weekend, so we flew into Colorado for a few days.  Our flight was delayed, so we got to Denver - 3 hours later than anticipated.  Then, we waited for 2 hours to get our rental car.  We arrived at our hotel at 3 in the morning, instead of 10 at night.  It was a really long day.

I am not happy with the airlines, but the rental car upgraded me from a compact car to a Suburban, which was great for running the bridal party around.  The hotel gave us a mini-suite, so my niece and the girls got ready for the ceremony in our room.  I loved our hotel.

It was a busy few days, which is probably why I am tired this week. My sister and I made the bouquets for the wedding.

I took a ton of pictures of the wedding, so this weekend I need to edit them all - after my naps.


I did a little make over on my tool box drawers.  We are going with a Disney theme in our classroom this year - of course Melonheadz had exactly what I needed.

My finished drawers.  I love the new look.


I found some inspiration for thank you notes from Learning in Wonderland.  They are adorable.  I like her idea of customizing them for her kiddos.


I have an autistic child in my class this year.  I had 4 different aides in 3 days, it was exhausting.  I, finally, found one that works well with my kiddo and the bonus - she brought me this jar of chocolate, today.  I think we are going to keep her.

Somehow, my desk became a total mess this week - but I do love the chocolate.  His ABA aide brought me M & Ms today, too.


Kid quote of the week - One of my kiddos from last year is in the Dual Immersion Kinder class this year.  He came up to me and said, "Mrs. Sasaki, the left side of my head thinks in Spanish, the right side of my head thinks in English and the middle part just plays video games.  Isn't that weird?" 

It took a lot not to laugh, he was so serious when he said it.  I love this age.

I hope everyone is still enjoying their summer vacation.  If you went to Vegas, I am super jealous.  Have a great weekend.  I have lots of projects to finish up this weekend, along with my naps.

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  1. Hi Terri! It's great to have you back in blog world. I was starting to worry:)
    It's weird to think that you're back in school while I'm two weeks into my 8 week holiday.
    I had an autistic child last year and went through a variety of EAs at the beginning so I know what you mean about it being exhausting. It felt like my room had a revolving door. I did NOT like it at all! The kid I LOVED, just not all the adults going in and out.
    I really like your tool box labels!!
    Have a restful weekend!

  2. Hi Terri!
    I can't wait to see what you do with your Disney theme this year! So cool! I just thought of you today! I went into school to sort some things and came across the postcards you sent me from Hawaii! Looking forward to using them again with my kiddos this year!
    A Pirates Life for Us