Sunday, November 25, 2012


Yesterday, the grand baby turned a month old - it has flown by.  I wanted to do a mini photo shoot, so glad I did.  This is what I wanted the set up to look like.

He was a total angel when I was taking pictures.  I got so many adorable shots, 20 minutes and 150 pictures later.  What I didn't expect to get was this one.

His very first smile.  I was talking to him and had my camera in my hand pointing towards him - I wasn't meaning to take his picture at the time (which is why he isn't looking at the camera, he is looking at me)  He started to smile and coo, I hit the shutter and I was able to get 3 of the most precious pictures.  It was pure luck.  I started crying, he looked at me then looked at his mom.  He couldn't figure out why we were so excited.  It was a perfect moment.

Now, for the teachy stuff.  My Teachers Pay Teacher's cart is full, I mean busting at the seams full.  I think they needed to time the sale around the first of the month - then my cart would have even more in it.  Wait, maybe it is a good thing that the sale is early.

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  1. What a super special moment. So happy that you were able to share that special moment with your grandson and his mama. So sweet..... wish my babies were babies again. :)


  2. Grandchildren are the best! My grandson is 18 months and every day spent with him is fantastic! Enjoy your new sweet heart! I am hoping you might be interested in joining my Winter Exchange Project! I am new to blogging and this is the first "big thing" I'm trying. Please consider joining along. All the info is on my bog: ~Maria

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