Friday, November 2, 2012


Today I am thankful that I am on break and get to spend time with my grandson.  His entire first month.  He has already changed so much in a week.  I'm a lucky girl.


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  1. He is GORGEOUS! I could sit and look at his picture all day. What a blessing!
    Owl Things First!

  2. Congratulations to you and the new family! He is absolutely beautiful!

  3. He is a sweet one! So nice that you get to spend your break with him!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  4. You grandson is adorable, and so are all of the "H-word" goodies you made in class like the pumpkins and the banners. I teach middle school, so they are a little old for some of the arts and crafts that I really wish I could do with them! I totally feel you on the Starbucks cups! I get so excited when I see them start rolling out all the pumpking stuff! The blog is great - I'm your newest follower!

    Another Day in the Silver Mines