Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I was assessing one of my partner's kiddos, we were looking at letter recognition.  He looked at the page with a blank stare - he didn't recognize the letters.  He came to the letter "x" and got really excited.  I said, "what letter is that?"  Proudly and with lots of confidence he said, "that is the letter 'no'.", as he crossed his fingers in the sign of the x.  I looked at him (a little strange look).  "Mrs. Sasaki, don't you know that letter is the letter 'no'."  I wanted to bust up laughing but instead, "no honey, I didn't know that the was the letter 'no', thank you for telling me."  He walked away with lots of confidence, I will tell him later.  I made his day and he made my day.

And that is why I am happy that I am back in Kinder.

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  1. They are so sweet and innocent, aren't they? That's a cute story!

  2. So cute! But at least he has some environmental print knowledge ~ haha!

  3. So precious! I bet he watches America's Got Talent! :)

  4. That's a great story. I had a kinder last year that would connect the letters to objects. So, I'd show him the letter 'T' (with out images mind you) and he would say "thats turtle" or 'M' was monkey! Really Weird!
    -Christie Neise,