Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Okay, who took Fall away from southern California?  I was enjoying the cooler nights and much cooler days.  I love wearing jeans and a sweater with boots.  Well, actually I dislike shoes, but I do like my ugg boots in the winter.  Last week was heaven, this week - are you kidding me - we are back up in the 90s.  Tomorrow, it is suppose to be 99.  So the best part of this weather, the air in my classroom died yesterday.  Yup - no air.  But, the good news is that I finished my District Math Assessment yesterday - in a room that had air conditioning.  So it is all finished and scored.  My kids did pretty good.  Super proud of them.  So I wonder what we will get done today, with no air, in another empty classroom - because it is really difficult to pack up all of your kids and move to a classroom that has air.  But, I am being flexible by moving. 

People, I don't know about you - but some days I am tired of being flexible.  How about you?  So I will keep repeating 9 more days, 9 more days......

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