Monday, October 29, 2012


The kids made the cutest Jack-O-Lanterns last week.  We did a glyph.

I made some samples and we analyzed them using the glyph.  They did a great job with this.

Then they picked their own piece of scrapbook paper - orange/girl and green/boy.  They used the tracer depending on their age.  Then put the rest of the Jack-O-Lantern together.

We then read the book below, several times.  They really enjoyed the story and were following along.

We brainstormed adjectives.  They had a hard time with this.  So one of the girls was our model.  The kids shouted out words that described her and we wrote them on post-its and stuck them on her.  It was so much fun - everyone wanted to do it.  Making the Jack-o-Lantern adjectives was so much easier by doing the other activity first.

They picked their favorite adjectives and wrote them on the bubble map.

We glued the Jack-O-Lantern to the top of the paper, completed the sentence frame "_____ _____ jack-o-lantern you don't scare me."  They picked two adjectives from their bubble map to fill in the sentence frame.

The completed jack-o-lantern wall.

I love using scrapbook paper.  It makes a really cute bullentin board.  The kids like picking their own background paper.  One Halloween tablet was enough for 3 classrooms, I had to add a few more papers from my stash.

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  1. Very cute....I love using special paper !

  2. I love ALL those activities, Terri!
    I'm pinning this. I think I'll do this on Wednesday:)
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  3. Cute! Cute! Cute!
    I had to pin it too...that book is totally new to me!
    A Pirates Life for Us