Thursday, October 4, 2012


Ok, these are from the 2nd week of school, I am getting closer (not really).  I bought "Color Fun" from TpT (sorry I don't remember who the author is) and I love it.  It has a book suggestion and a couple of activities for each color.  Unfortunately, with  the extra students this year and not being use to having all those extra kiddos - I only got two colors finished.  Yup, red and yellow.  So now I can throw all the rest of the crayons out of the crayon box - just kidding.  I have a creative bunch of little ones this year.  Love, love their illustrations.  I wish I had more time to do the creative part of teaching - I miss it.

The book was "My Yellow Shirt" or something like that, giggle.  Aren't they cute?

This little one draws the best trains, it is his passion.

Maybe,  I can finish the rest of the pages in February - maybe I should do the orange page because it is pumpkin month, hmmm.
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  1. Love them! Yellow is my favorite color. Have a great weekend. :) I'm off to NC.