Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh no.....

I thought I would stop by school yesterday afternoon to start working on my room. It is not a good sign, when you are warned by three people that your room is a mess. Oh my gosh, it was horrible, I almost cried. They have been using my room as a storage place. Since we are getting 6 more students per class, they took all my desks (no problem). They also took all my math and language arts workbooks, again no problem. But there is stuff everywhere

I had set up two areas, but they took all my stuff and put it on the floor or piled more stuff on top - have no idea who it belongs to.

They assured me that all 30 of my desks will be set up and boxes removed by Friday morning. That's great. Problem is that someone is coming in today to put all my paper up and move the desks where I want them to go. I pay a friend to do set up, so I won't be so tired and I can do all of the fun things. I know it will get done but I didn't want to spend the whole weekend doing it. I'm glad that I have a great room mom that makes my copies
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  1. Oh my...definitely not something you wanted to walk back into, I'm sure. It will all come together though just in time! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. Oh no :( I understand how stressful that is. Last year, my first year of teaching, I walked into a disaster! There was junk everywhere - literally junk. It took me almost 3 days just to go through everything and trash things. I can't wait to see what you do with your room!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

    1. Katie,

      I don't have 3 days to get rid of the junk, uggh. I am teaching for someone else today, then I can start tomorrow. I hope the room fairy comes tonight, lol.

  3. Oh no! I am so sorry! I hope you have some help to get through that mess:(

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  4. That definitely isn't fun.I went in the other day and just turned around and came home--I knew I didn't have the time to really dive into it like I'd have to. Think of how great the "after" pics will look!


  5. I had that problem 2 years ago, there were a bunch of us changing classrooms and I had stuff left from 2 teachers in my room as well as NO FILE CABINETS. I finally got a file cabinet but two of the drawers were filled with stuff, so I pulled it out and stuck it in a box, left it there for a month, and finally the week before school started I took it to the dumpster. Of course days later a teacher came to me looking for her files. Ummm.... sorry. There is nothing worse than being the storage space for other people's stuff when you are trying to get your room together... good luck~