Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I Know

These are the things I know at the moment.  The rest of my life is a blur, giggle.

1.  I miss my husband a lot, especially since he would cut out all my laminating - the pile is huge at the moment.

2.  It takes way too much time to set up a classroom.  I have spent two days - not even close to being done.  I feel like I am walking in circles around my room.

3.  I spend more money on my students for supplies than my district does.

4.  I love my theme, but I need to quit looking at other teacher's rooms because I want their theme, too.

5.  I need to go clothes shopping because I forgot 5 pairs of capris, my tennis shoes and some tops in Hawaii.  No wonder there was room in my suitcase for all the fun stuff.

6.  I need the suitcase fairy and the grocery store fairy to visit my house and take care of those things for me.

7.  I need a nap.  Getting out of bed at 3 AM on a Saturday is just wrong on so many levels.  I did get 2 hours of laminating cut.  Geez, I miss my husband.

Have a great Saturday.  I am heading to school, Day #3.

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  1. First, a very belated THANK YOU for the lovely gifts! I want to see Hawaii!!

    I also need to stop looking at pictures; there isn't anything else I can do to my space! Yesterday, I put sliders under the heavy furniture and pushed it around from one side to the other. Guess what? In the end, I put everything back where I'd left it at the end of the year. I did hang paper lanterns--love!

    When will you see your hubby again? And please post pics when you get a chance!

  2. You got UP at 3am? Wow, I bow down to you. I went to bed at 4 am the other day, couldn't sleep and got up at 5. But I really paid for it, as you can imagine.

    I've just started thinking about my classroom setup, too. It always takes SOOOO long. Good luck with yours, Terri!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. I was wondering how you were doing! I worked in my room today too and I think my fingers are sure from all of the sticky tack I used. I forget...when do your kiddos come?

    A Pirates Life for Us

    1. My fingers are sore...not sure. See?? I can barely type!

  4. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog and I am new to the blogging community! Come on by and link your blog up! I am headed to school for Day #1 tomorrow in a new room and no idea where to begin. I've gotten LOST blog hopping, man I thought pinterest was bad!